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Makeup Bootcamp

Makeup Bootcamp is a two-part workshop for those wishing to learn about how to become a freelance makeup artist in the entertainment industry.

What is Makeup Bootcamp?

When I first began my career as a makeup artist, I did not have the good fortune to be taken under an established artist’s wing. I had no relatives in the Union which at that time was almost impossible to get into if you did not “know someone” or was not related to anyone who was a Union member. I couldn’t afford to go to school in California even though it was my dream to become a famous Hollywood makeup artist. Yet in spite of my non-existent connections, I managed to become a successful makeup artist, a member of the union, and a mentor to many new artists needing either a “break” or sometimes just a little encouragement to keep on trying.

Makeup Bootcamp is a “crash course” of the techniques I developed and used to break into the makeup industry. It is not a conventional “basic makeup class”.

This series of workshops are designed to make you become a “Thinking Makeup Artist”. Instead of teaching out-dated “cookie cutter looks”, you will be shown how to create or re-create any look - past, present and future.

Makeup Bootcamp is broken down into two parts - Bootcamp Prep and Bootcamp Part 2.

Makeup Bootcamp Part 1 (Prep)

This workshop is the heart of the Bootcamp series. It is an intensive study of corrective makeup - the type of makeup that most artists feel they have mastered already. It is NOT just a Basic Makeup Class. It is a class on which all of my other workshops are based. Makeup artists come to me with many different levels of experience. If I just started teaching Fashion makeup or TV makeup, not everyone would get it. In order to be able to “level the playing field”, I first need to get everyone on the same page. Bootcamp Prep does exactly that.

If you have no makeup experience, Prep gives you a working knowledge of techniques that will be used in Part 2.

If you do have makeup experience, Bootcamp Prep will help you to identify core level weaknesses that may be effecting your current makeup artistry, and the reason you feel you may need classes..

It has been my experience that most working makeup artists suffer from what I call “Same Face Syndrome”. This means that although they may do a nice makeup, everyone generally comes out looking the same! The artist has a set way of doing a makeup and rarely varies from that method. This will eventually lead the artist to feel bored and unsatisfied.

If you are currently stuck in the “Same Face Syndrome” the problem is that if you do the same face on everyone, eventually you will hit a bump and run into a “trouble face” - one that just does not work with the makeup application that you usually do.  Bootcamp Prep will help you break out of this bad pattern, or at least help you realize how not to create potential problems for yourself.

Makeup Bootcamp Part 2

This is the "crash" part of the course. Five days of how to get started freelancing.  The first class is on Fashion Photography Makeup. Portfolios, fashion stories, testing, freelancing.

The second class is Makeup for Black and White Headshots. Learning actor's "types", highlight and shadow, lighting and application.

The third class is Runway/Music Video. Glam makeup, shimmer, lashes, liner-over-the-edge and an airbrush demo. Working with designers, planning the runway makeup look and executing it!

Classes four and five focus on Film & TV. Script breakdown, budgeting, department heading, continuity, crewing and character development.

Becoming a makeup artist isn't something that happens after a few classes.  Bootcamp's primary goal is to give the artist enough crucial information to be able to accept student films and photo tests without going in "blind".  This helps the artist cut valuable time off of the "dues paying process" by avoiding common mistakes often made by novices.

Bootcamp FAQ's

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